The biggest problem when using a paint roller from a ladder is where to stand the paint tray. To avoid having to climb up and down the ladder, empty the paint into a clean bucket and stand a short length of board on it. Hang the bucket from an S hook attached to a rung of the ladder. Make sure that the bucket is big enough to take the full width of the roller and use the board to roll out the excess paint.

Never hold the paint tray; this will leave you without a hand free to steady yourself.

Depth of 1 m 3ft. Spacing the holes at about 2.5 m 8 ft intervals. Make sure that the diameter of the auger’s bore is at least equal to the width of the foundation being-laid across the piles.

As ordinary cement will be attacked by the sulphates in the clay, thus weakening the foundation. Use a sulphate-resistant cement to fill the holes and for the foundation concrete. When laying this, insert two 12mm diameter mild-steel reinforcing rods along the length of the foundation. Cover the rods with a minimum thickness of 38mm of concrete or surface rusting may occur.

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