Ceramic tiles One of the most popular decorative tiles, ranging from Field tiles, with square edges for normal tiling, to RE tiles, with one rounded edge for finishing off the edge of a tiled area, and REX tiles with two rounded edges for use in corners.

Corry tiles. Popular floor covering. They have to be laid on a firm. Level surface and should be coated with a sealant and a hard wax polish. They are especially suitable for bathrooms, as they are warm to the touch.

Mosaic tiles. Sold in sheets in varying mosaic patterns.

Polystyrene tiles. Lightweight insulation tiles, frequently used on ceilings. They should never be coated with gloss paint and should be fixed with special adhesive.

Quarry tiles. Unglazed hard-wearing tiles. They are either machine-made or man-made. Man-made tiles tend to vary slightly in size and shape and absorb more water than machine-made ones. The normal colours are red, buff or brown, but others are also available.

Vinyl tiles. Hard-wearing grease-resistant tiles, usually used on floors. Some types are self-adhesive. Vinyl tiles should be covered with a sealant for long-lasting wear. Vinyl asbestos tiles are more brittle; they can be used in damp conditions.

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