Some mirror and aluminium tiles are self-adhesive – fixed to a surface by sticker pads, usually positioned behind each corner of the tile. To remove such tiles without damaging the surface or leaving part of the pads behind, drop lighter fuel behind the tile and over the pads. Allow the fuel to soak into the pads for two or three minutes before removing them. Then clean the surface.

Hammer a nail halfway home in the back of the larger block.

To use the line, tie one end to the nail on one of the blocks. Pass the line through the gap. Position this block at one end of the wall. Pull the line taut and attach it to the other block at the opposite end. Again passing the line through the gap and winding any excess line around the nail to keep it taut. By doing this the tension of the line will hold the blocks in position.

Lay the bricks so that they are approximately 19mm away from the line. If the line is any nearer the brickwork, it can snag-on the surface and cause even a short course of bricks to be as much as 6mm out of line. Repeat the procedure, course by course, up the wall.

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