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The difference between a synthetic brush & Natural
Have you ever wondered why some paint brushes can cost a fortune?
Choosing a brush is crucial to the finish of your walls and so we need to understand the differences
between the various brands on the market.
There are many expensive quality paints that effectively give a quality finish but if you do not use
the right tools ie brush or roller it negates the money spent on paint.
So straight away we have concluded to get a good job done we need to spend on a decent paint
applicator so has not to get a poor finish. We don’t want bristles on the walls but we do want ease of
So let’s discuss the two main players.
Synthetic Brushes or Natural bristles
Natural brushes are often made from animal hair could be Hog or Badger. Natural bristles are used
for applying oil based alkyd paints while synthetic brushes are best for water based latex paints.
That is why if your paint brush has ever gone limp while working it could be you are using latex
paint with a natural bristle brush and it has absorbed the water in the paint. It then becomes very
difficult to use.
Natural Brushes
1. Natural brushes can hold more paint meaning less loading of the brush.
2. Because it holds more paint you can spread the load first time meaning less effort to load the
brush each time.
3. After a while the natural bristle brush takes on a shape (breaking a brush in) which makes it
easier to control and is good for precision painting.
Synthetic Brushes
1.Synthetic brushes hold less paint meaning more times loading it.
2.Last longer because of less wear although it means they do not wear in (see number 3 Natural
3.Synthetic does not swell in water (when using a decent brush) so you do not get brush marks in
the finish.
4. Significantly easier to clean
5. Less bristle loss.
With synthetic brushes you do have to choose a quality brand to get the benefits, there are very poor
examples out there.
Did you know paint brushes come in different shapes? For example the majority are squared cut
brushes. Great for easy paint application on various surfaces. But some brushes have bristles cut to
a slight angle, these are called sash brushes and are perfect for cutting in at an angle. To get a
professional finish try using a sash or tipped end brush.
Always use a brush suited to the area you are painting, what do we mean by that?
Well if you are painting a 4in ledge do not use a 4in brush or you will overlap and be constantly
cleaning up after yourself. Use a 3 ½ in so there is no overlapping.
Professional painters use the best tools available to make sure that you get a fine finish.
Our specialist have years of experience in high quality upmarket work mainly in London and the home counties.
We take on large premises both inside and out especially public buildings, Mansions, National trust properties and schools and colleges.
We can create special finishes plus epoxy floors and our staff are trained in abseiling and out of hours painting and decorating in offices so you have no disruption.

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