When tiling a floor – or working on any job involving a considerable amount of kneeling – prevent the knees from becoming sore by tying protective pads around them. Make the pads from two pieces of thick foam rubber. Pierce holes in each corner and thread string through them. Tie the string behind the knees.

Length have been arrissed. Use a medium abrasive stone, again wetted, to start the grinding process. Work the stone backwards and forwards along the edge until all the shiny glass patches have disappeared. Finish off with a smooth stone to get a smooth finish.

If a polished edge is required. Rub the smoothed finish with a block of hardwood, about 150mm, 6 in long. 60 mm wide and 40mm thick. Alternatively. Squeeze a drop of oil on to a cloth and rub it along the smooth edge. This removes any loose and finely ground particles of glass and. At the same time, adds a brighter finish to the glass. However, it should be.noted that the polishing process requires a lot of time and patience, so it may be preferable to leave this final stage of polishing to glass merchants, who have special machines for the job.

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