When making- up plaster for the finishing- coat, mix cellulose filler with the plaster powder. Adding the filler not only makes the plaster mix much easier to work with – giving- it a creamy consistency that dries out very smoothly-but also retards the setting- process for half an hour or so. This allows more time to complete the job which is particularly helpful when handling- plaster for the first time.

Add about 225g Alb of cellulose filler to every 6kg 141b of plaster. Dissolve the filler in water before adding it to the plaster powder.

Fitting uprights to support shelving To ensure that shelving uprights are fitted correctly, first draw a horizontal line to mark where the top of each upright is to be fixed. Then place the first upright in position and check its vertical alignment with a plumb line. Screw it to the wall.

Next, cut a piece of wood to the same length as the proposed distance between the first and second uprights. Square off its ends and use it as a spacer bar to establish the distance between the two uprights and the vertical alignment of the second. Do this by placing the bar at right angles first to the top and then to the bottom of the fitted upright and fix the second accordingly. Repeat as necessary.

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