As a painting contractor dealing with specialist finishes, we are very excited to share with you the transforming potential of Magnetic Paints and Whiteboard (Dry Erase) Paints. Expert application of these paints using our state of the art equipment, can turn your office into a brainstorming zone just like Google, Microsoft, NASA and Harvard University have done with their offices. It can give your kids creative areas that actually encourage them to write on walls! And it can make home organisation much easier, with giant wall calendars, doodle zones, and massive whiteboard areas.

What exactly is Magnetic Paint?

Magnetic paint or primer is like normal paint, with the exception that small particles of iron are included.  Whenever you apply it on a wall, you get a coating of darkish primer with lots of small specks of iron spread all through.  Magnets are drawn to those pieces of iron.

The majority of guidelines on these types of paints advise that extremely comprehensive mixing is essential.  Kept for a time  in the store, the iron particles typically settle in the tin.  Stir it for a few minutes to be sure the coating of paint has iron distributed properly on the surfaces you paint.

Magnetic Chalkboard Paint is a durable, abrasion resilient surface that enables you to produce a  blackboard like finish that magnets can stick to, much like a fridge. You can use it on a number of substrates which include timber, steel, plastic, wall coverings and many other types of surface.

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Transform a wall into a giant calendar using magnetic chalkboard paint and bespoke carpentry.


  • Transforms areas right into a functional blackboard
  • Usually requires Three or more coats (would suggest sanding working surface prior to last layer carried out)
  • Ideal for office buildings, factories and around the house where you need to keep notes attached to walls, like the kitchen or home office, or for children to scribble on walls!
  • Washes with soapy water
  • Erases easily
  • Word of advice – Powerful magnets having little weight stick better to painted areas.
Magnetic Chalkboard Partitions can transform offices and schools and provide practical working surfaces. We offer a bespoke carpentry service. Call for details.

Applying the Primer

It is important to understand the complex properties of magnetic paint and to know how it behaves on different substrates. Many people just buy and apply and fail to get the best results, often being disappointed with the “stickability” of the finished result. Knowing how to prepare surfaces first, and then applying the correct number of coats is vital for a truly magnetic finish.

The final finished coat of magnetic paint primer is not a totally smooth finish. For aesthetics, you may want to use more top-coat paint.  For every coating of non-magnetic paint you add, however, the less strong the magnetic force is going to be.  Every coating of non-magnetic cover paint forces the magnet further from the ferromagnetic specks of iron. If you are more interested in magnetic functionality than aesthetic attractiveness, stick to just one layer of paint.

Give the kids a scribbling space in their rooms with an entire wall to chalk on.

Many people using magnetic paint primer moan about the rough surface.  In the case of inadequate preparation the surface can be overly lumpy.

Poor magnetic strength results are down to a combination of poorly prepared surfaces, poorly prepared and applied paint and not enough coats.  The constraining issue is the small quantity of iron for the magnets to stick to.  Depending on the job, extra layers, anything up to 6 sometimes, maybe required..

Magnetic paint works effectively in certain situations.  You cannot hang large magnets on it, but it works well with fridge magnets or those of a similar weight and size.

Get Creative

Many people are only just discovering the creative potential of magentic paints. It is able to transform any kind of area, in the office or at home. For example, you could use a few layers of Magnetic Paint, which are applied to your wall and after that paint on top of it using any color you want. The outcome is a remarkably permanent magnetic coating which Firmly retains magnets.

Another stunning magnetic paint idea could involve something like 1/4 x 1/2 Neodymium Cylinder Magnets as shown in the photo below. These solid little magnets are sleek and round and appear just like small rivets adhering to your wall. They can be removed, or repositioned at any time, and themselves be used to hold pictures or notes to the wall, without any surface damage, drilling, hammering or mess.

Whiteboard Paint

  • Think about having the ability to convert any kind of surface – wall surfaces – your furniture, almost anything, right into a white board!
  • Whiteboard paint, also known as dry erase paint, is the paint you can use to produce your personal whiteboard areas.
  • Thoughts and ideas can develop really well if you draw and write them out on a white board.
  • But whiteboards are expensive and limited in size. You will often have more ideas and do-to-lists than you have whiteboard space!
  • That’s where whiteboard paint provides the solution – dry erase paint revamps your entire wall or desk or cupboard into a whiteboard.
Edit Edit Clear Dry Erase Paint applied over a yellow wall surface Transform walls into brainstorming areas for your employees.


It’s professional grade paint so needs to be applied properly and with careful preparation to get the right results. When applied correctly, writing is easily removed in exactly the same way it is on a traditional whiteboard. Whoteboard paint is also about 70-85% cheaper than conventional whiteboards.

With regard to surface preparation, it is essential to correct any cracks, scuff marks or protrusions on the wall to ensure the surface area will be as smooth as it can be. If a new coat of paint has been applied before applying whiteboard paint, it must dry out no less than twenty four hours prior to applying dry erase paint. The higher quality the preparation, the higher quality the end job.

Many whiteboard paints are 2 part systems, so it is essential that they are mixed correctly and applied at the right time. Failure to get this right results in a poorly performing finish.

Dust is the enemy of good adhesion. Our professional teams have the apparatus to ensure a dust free environment prior to application. Without this vital preparation element, many DIYers end up with sub-standard whiteboards walls.

Uneven surfaces need to be smoothed out first. This may require a skimming coat of plaster, correct sanding, and proper leveling of surfaces.

With that said, let’s look at some of the other features of whiteboard paint:

  • Your white board doesn’t have to be bright white – certain brands of dry erase paint are designed to go on top of an existing coloured surface..
  • You can transform entire areas into whiteboards – much like many of the cutting edge innovative corporations like Google, Microsoft, Starbucks and Harvard University have done in their offices.
  • [Images]Dry erase (whiteboard) painted partition wall in office. Notice: a clear dry erase coat has been applied over a gray substrate. (Conventional white whiteboard area in background)

    For offices, colleges or private homes, whiteboard paint gives a high-performance dry erase working surface which erases easily each time you use it. Dry erase coatings can be roller or spray applied. Our specialist spray gun teams can handle large commercial areas quickly, with minimal disruption to your business operations. We can even work out of hours, at evenings or weekends to transform your working spaces without zero interruption to your day to day business.

    Whiteboard paint can be applied over any color or smooth surface, allowing for seamless integration of dry erase functionality into existing décors. Substrate preparation is vital, and we have a lot of experience in preparing the perfect surface to bring out the true potential of dry erase paint.


  • Can be applied over almost all sealed, non-porous materials, including: Chalkboard, Metal, Timber, Plastic, any color semi gloss latex paint.
  • Most brands are almost odorless and come with good eco-properties, being environmentally compliant, Low VOC, formaldehyde free and isocyanate free
  • With most brands it is necessary to allow a week to dry properly before writing on them with standard whiteboard pens.
  • Many brands come with 10-year warranties, and paints are extremely resistant to cracking, yellowing and peeling.
  • You end up with a commercial-grade whiteboard functionality which is easy to wipe clean every time.

Give us a call for a prompt quote and see how we can transform your working areas or home.


Whiteboard examples

White Board walls painted in various offices for an international company

Recently over the Christmas shutdown 2018 we completed some work for a big International company, they wanted walls in certain areas to be whiteboard walls which could be used by staff and quickly cleaned. They took advantage of our out of hours service and the job was completed over the Christmas period. If you are looking for whiteboard canvas walls or magnetic walls please contact us at Professional Painters 0800 044 3604

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