Professional Painters specialise in Intumescent coating for steel structures. More and more buildings are using this special coating and it is becoming part of the requirements connected with the building code compliance.

In the advent of a fire the Imtumescent paint expands up to 50 times its thickness to form a char layer or insulating layer, the char keeps the steel structural integrity below critical temperature and therefore stabilises the steel structure of the building.


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We are an approved contractor in the application of Intumescent coatings and work with Architects and Designers to make sure buildings are safe and approved in case of fire.

Professional Painters have the staff and the application tools to handle any size project and can work cleanly and efficiently to ensure your premises are fire safe.

Please ask us about night painting for minimum disruption to you and your staff or weekend work.


What does Intumescent coating do?

The coating of Intumescent paint that we use will delay the collapse of the steel columns that run throughout the building. These columns provide the structural stability of the building hence why it is so important that these meet fire resistant levels. So once the steel beams are coated they provide passive fire protection, in fact allowing enough time for people in the building to escape safely. This coating aids the fire service to provide more efficient search and rescue.

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