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Epoxy floor coating solutions are ideal for heavy use areas such as factories and warehouse. The practical finishes that can be achieved with epoxy floor paint are very hardwearing. According to the concrete floor construction and building requirements, they can be up to 1/4 inch thick or higher, having compressive strength as well as impact resistance as formidable as the most robust high quality commercial epoxy concrete flooring system. Epoxy floor durability is second to none.

The image below shows an epoxy floor in an industrial setting with colours used to highlight working areas for machinery and vehicles.


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They can also be combined with decorative techniques such as epoxy floor acid etching and the use of pigments and metallic and mineral chips.

Epoxy floor anti slip components can also be added for further functionality in working environments where spillages could cause hazards. In the photo below, an anti-slip mix is being poured over a garage floor.

After the anti-slip mix is poured, it is then spread evenly

Cleaning an epoxy floor is often the only maintenance that is needed, unlike conventional stained concrete and marble flooring systems which require constant upkeep. In the photo below, an epoxy floor is being cleaned with a steam cleaner.

Painting an epoxy floor is best left to professionals however, as the various components need to be applied within restricted time frames and to perfectly prepared surfaces. Epoxy floor dry time is another consideration that needs professional analysis. Opting to do the work yourself with an epoxy floor diy kit is often a false economy as a badly installed floor will have to be taken up and reinstalled.

The only epoxy floor disadvantages are that if you get the initial preparation wrong, or fail to mix the components correctly, you end up with a very hard to remove mess! There are also some people that are highly sensitive to epoxy in its liquid state, but this is a non-issue if you opt for a professional installation.  Epoxy floor cost, although initially higher than some other conventional floorings, more than pays for itself over the long term, due to low maintenance and extended life of the floor.


Because of the incredible durability of materials used, recoating an epoxy floor is not an issue, due to intrinsic surface strength and resistance to chemicals, water, grease and grime. In addition, epoxy floor etching finishes are super durable too.

If you have an area where you want to install an epoxy floor, we can provide a fast quote with a breakdown of all the work to be undertaken from start to finish.

If you want to epoxy a garage floor, epoxy a basement floor or epoxy a cement floor, we have extensive experience in providing long lasting aesthetic solutions. Epoxy floor coating reviews can give you some idea of the pros and cons of the various finishes available in different spaces. Whether you want to use epoxy floor chips or have an epoxy floor clear coat finish – we can provide solutions for any combination in any environment.

Garage Floor Coating Ideas

Epoxy surface finishes are able to turn garage floors directly into a part of the living space with the addition of colour, concealing defects and enhancing wear resistance.

Garage floor surface finishes with epoxy

There are specific epoxy floor coating solutions designed for garage flooring, to provide a hardwearing and chemical-resistant area. They are available in lots of colour options, and can be highlighted using appealing quartz or various colored chips to give an appearance much like marble, granite or terrazzo.


A garage floor finish is probably the most cost effective as well as visually attractive solutions to improve an ordinary grey concrete garage floor. These types of durable epoxy-based solutions don’t just improve the appearance of a floor, in addition they improve stain resistance, resilience to tire marks and conceal small defects. With lots of colours available for a foundation layer, which may be even more improved by ornamental quartz or paint chips, garage floor finishes provide you with a range of design and style opportunities.

Want to find out more info on converting your garage area into an extension of your living room using an epoxy floor coating? Contact us for an breakdown of design suggestions for your garage floor, exactly how epoxy flooring is put in place, and looking after your garage epoxy floor for a long and durable working life.

Epoxy terrazzo

Almost unbreakable, epoxy terrazzo is perfect for institutional, business, and commercial buildings, particularly wherever you need a hardwearing, long lasting and low maintenance floor. The colour and style flexibility of epoxy terrazzo likewise can make it a favourite option for ornamental floor coverings, particularly in very busy retail industry establishments.

Below is an epoxy terrazzo floor just installed, and unpolished.


This kind of mosaic type floor surface for concrete is applied at a thickness of just ¼ to 3/8 inches. It is perfect for multi coloured styles and designs due to the epoxy resin matrix. It may be colored, just like paint, to attain an infinite range of colours. It may also be pigmented with aggregates, such as mother of pearl, chips of granite or marble, recycled glass, and other man-made components.


Epoxy terrazzo is incredibly long lasting, with a 40 year life expectancy. It additionally has the smallest price tag of any kind of hard floor surface because of its longevity and low maintenance properties.


Style solutions and installment methods for high performance epoxy terrazzo coatings


Created by the Italians in the 14th century, cement-based terrazzo is among the earliest forms of ornamental flooring solutions. This unique mosaic type floor surface produced by embedding little sections of granite or marble in mortar, and then polished continues to be appreciated due to its classic elegance. However a more modern kind of terrazzo is available today, providing a variety of advantages.

Thin set epoxy terrazzo is a poured-in-place surface treatment for concrete that is applied 1/4 to 3/8 inches thick, in contrast to conventional terrazzo that needs to be put on at thicknesses of 2 to 3 inches. With the imaginative use of seperator strip to split up regions of different colorings, you can create edges, trademarks, geometric patterns, and many other creative arrangements.

The artistic importance of epoxy terrazzo is not the sole reason these types of surface treatments are becoming more popular, and why they are used in over 70 % of the current terrazzo sector. They provide exceptional longevity and durability. They are strong enough to be used in municipal, manufacturing and business settings such as factories, supermarkets, warehouses and airports. Since the binder is 100% epoxy, the completed flooring surface area offers high chemical resistance, compressive strengths,increased longevity, and versatility than bare cement dependent solutions.

Metal based epoxy surface finishes
How to Install

This latest kind of epoxy-based solution lets you add a metallic looking film to the concrete floor to simulate the appearance of bronze, sliver, copper, nickel, and other shiny metallic finishes. Many of these finishes incorporate actual metal powders, although some incorporate particular reflective pigmentation. These are widely used for floor surfaces in hotels, restaurants, shops, and high tech offices, when a contemporary, elegant look and feel is wanted.

Epoxy floor coatings can be applied over appropriately prepared bare concrete. The majority of suppliers advise using a primer initially to enhance the bond between the epoxy and the underlying concrete. We combine the two component epoxy resin with the preferred pigmented/metallic aggregate, if a special decorative finish is required, and after that spread the coating out across the concrete floor. The last phase is to use a sealant, that makes the finish much more resistant against chemical solvents, oils, acids, water and grease.

Regardless of whether you need attractive epoxy floor coating solutions that will stand up to continuous traffic or significant loads from vehicles or standing machinery and equipment, we are experienced in delivering the pairing of aesthetics and durability for any setting. For example, by using metallics, quartz and chip combinations it is possible to produce shiny surface finishes which deal with constant use, so you can always take advantage of attractive floors that are as tough as they are stylish.

Metallics, Quartz and Chip Blends

Using these types of epoxy flooring blends offers you the solutions you require to go well with any kind of area. Stunning tinted quartz blend and epoxy resin coatings provide remarkable durability and impact resistance. They can be applied by slurry, broadcast or trowel. Inventive pigmented chip blend and resin coatings give you the appearance of terrazzo, and are much less expensive to install in thefirst place and then to take care of. Unlike marble floors there is no need for constant buffing and waxing.

Epoxy based metallic faux stain flooring offers the natural beauty of colored or polished concrete floors. However epoxy floors have far superior functionality, durability and toughness. In open public areas, stained concrete will wear away, reducing its coloration and top finish. After some time patches can appear and even “path” where foot traffic is heavy. Tricky and often unslightly spot repairs are then needed on an ongoing basis. High performance, epoxy based metallic flooring solutions, however, conceal, instead of highlight bare concrete defects. Their beautiful, streaming designs apply uniformly and resist wear and tear well, due to the industrial grade epoxy resin and mineral constituents.

Further Advantages of Decorative Epoxy Floor Systems

From epoxy floor coating systems and MMAs and polaspartics to cementitious urethanes, decorative epoxy flooring provides an impressive mixture of functional and visual advantages, such as:

  • Simple to manage – absolutely no buffing, polishing or waxing needed
  • Fast turn over, rapid curing solutions to choose from
  • High grip anti slip alternatives that don’t hinder appearance
  • Ideal for hefty and constant foot and trolley traffic
  • High traffic coatings with industrial strength chemical and scratch resistance
  • Insert lettering, directions, pathway markers, traffic lanes, car parking markers, artwork, signs or logos directly into the floor
  • Anti-bacterial protection for facilities such as hosptials, food storage and food preparation operations
  • Moisture vapor minimization surfaces

These types of features make decorative epoxy floor coating systems perfect for areas that need long lasting aesthetic and practical in-built designs, regardless of what the building is used for.

For a detailed epoxy floor estimate, please contact us on the free phone number 0800 044 3604 and we will provide a quote within 48 hours with a breakdown of the works involved.

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