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Epoxy floor coating solutions are ideal for heavy use areas such as factories and warehouse. The practical finishes that can be achieved with epoxy floor paint are very hardwearing. According to the concrete floor construction and building requirements, they can be up to 1/4 inch thick or higher, having compressive strength as well as impact resistance as formidable as the most robust high quality commercial epoxy concrete flooring system. Epoxy floor durability is second to none.

The image below shows an epoxy floor in an industrial setting with colours used to highlight working areas for machinery and vehicles.


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Because of the incredible durability of materials used, recoating an epoxy floor is not an issue, due to intrinsic surface strength and resistance to chemicals, water, grease and grime. In addition, epoxy floor etching finishes are super durable too.

If you have an area where you want to install an epoxy floor, we can provide a fast quote with a breakdown of all the work to be undertaken from start to finish.

If you want to epoxy a garage floor, epoxy a basement floor or epoxy a cement floor, we have extensive experience in providing long lasting aesthetic solutions. Epoxy floor coating reviews can give you some idea of the pros and cons of the various finishes available in different spaces. Whether you want to use epoxy floor chips or have an epoxy floor clear coat finish – we can provide solutions for any combination in any environment.

Garage Floor Coating Ideas

Epoxy surface finishes are able to turn garage floors directly into a part of the living space with the addition of colour, concealing defects and enhancing wear resistance.

Garage floor surface finishes with epoxy

There are specific epoxy floor coating solutions designed for garage flooring, to provide a hardwearing and chemical-resistant area. They are available in lots of colour options, and can be highlighted using appealing quartz or various colored chips to give an appearance much like marble, granite or terrazzo.

We have a night time team of specialist who can install epoxy floors.

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