Prepare the wood by using paint stripper, a scraper and glasspaper to get its surface as clean as possible. If the object is badly stained. Bleach it – preferably using genuine wood bleach. Bleaching is also useful when trying to match lighter with darker woods; it can be used as well to give added brightness to the dye.

Before applying the dye, clean the stripped surface with turpentine substitute. Also test for colour on a matching offcut first. As dyes can dry to ditt’erent shades.

On large objects use a soft, dry, clean, lint-free cloth; for crevices. Use a brush. Apply one even coat. Working quickly and with the grain. Wipe off any excess with a clean, dry cloth and then leave the surface to dry for at least six hours. Then apply further coats. Finish with coloured varnish or polyurethane wood sealer.

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