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Epoxy Floors


174 Luxury Apartments

One of our ongoing jobs for the autumn/winter is this large development of 174 luxury apartments.

The project includes an in house gymnasium, cafe, library and various meeting areas.

It is an exacting contract to tight timescales and  exceptional quality requirements - but right up professional painters street.

Stately Home

The works on this beautiful buildin‎g are nearing completion.

This is our 10th year of progressive works, carried out each summer/ autumn.

High class wallcoverings and heritage colours are the norm. We look forward to more works next season 

St. Johns´s Wood, London

Works on this prestigous block will complete as the clocks go back.
After 6 months and with 1100 sash windows fully prepared and finished in the crown stronghold paint system ‎the blocks look great.
Our management team can be proud.

Professional Painters

We are an established firm of professional painters and decorators serving London and the Home Counties. 

Over the years meticulous planning of contracts has allowed us to take on larger contracts.

Our reputation for safe working practice, expertise in paint application and working to deadlines has been beneficial to the company growth.

decorating contractor London and home counties

We always aim to ensure that each of our clients is completely satisfied with the finished result. 

Our focus has always been on exceptional customer service accompanied by friendly long term staff, fully experienced in all aspects of decorating.

Our head office, with its state of the art joinery facility, manufactures anything in wood. This has helped us to provide a full package to those clients with bespoke needs.

It is envisaged that we will now grow at a conservative pace to allow us to ensure the quality and management of our work continues to remain at the highest level.


  • Providing quality commercial painting and decorating services
  • Ensure that we offer an all-round service
  • Undertake large-scale domestic painting and decorating.
  • This includes painting or wallpapering multiple rooms in a domestic residence, as well as carrying out exterior painting of a property.
contract painter

Commercial Painting & Decorating in London

We focus on office painting & decorating, block property painting & decorating and retail store painting & decorating.

Our valuable expertise as commercial painters and decorators in London, servicing business owners, shops and leisure organizations enable us to grasp that you need to sustain business as usual from start to finish. We can decorate your business property to a predetermined schedule that meets your requirements, no matter if that is through the night, early mornings or on saturdays and sundays.

Our commercial painters and decorators are a highly skilled group of experienced professionals who will provide a fresh look to any workplace.

We take great pride in causing the least disturbance to day to day operations, whilst delivering a high standard of work.

Our office painting and decorating workforce offers you:

  • An excellent first impression for visiting customers
  • A no fuss redecorating plan
  • A more content, more aesthetic workplace

Office painting and decorating in London

We are the most efficient firm for commerical renovation in London and office redecoration in London.

Our highly trained office painting and decorating staff have introduced an excellent track record of renovating office and commercial buildings of every size throughout the Greater London region and the Home Counties.

We offer an option for out of hours work to be undertaken for London commercial redecorating projects, something that is centered around client reassurance providing openness and easier understanding that provides clients with confidence.

If you're planning on renovating your London commercial premises, go ahead and speak to us to get a no obligation detailed estimate delivered within 48 hours.

Our commercial refurbishment London workforce will leave you as a satisfied customer.

Retail Premises Painting and Decorating in London

Our professional decorators can quickly transform and modernize the look of your shop.

Being able to work out of hours and at weekends, we can be minimally intrusive, whilst delivering and high specification interior design and refurbishment job.

Our retail painters and decorators will help develop:

  • An excellent first impression whenever shoppers enter the store
  • Better income via a superior retail environment
  • A redecoration project that does not close your business down whilst underway

Block Property Painting and Decorating

Residential block property administrators and estate management companies in London can experience the minimally intrusive and efficient processes we offer with our group of expert block property painters and decorators.

Our block property painters and decorators will deliver:

  • A competent and properly managed redecoration program
  • A fast and economical way of upgrading block properties
  • An excellent ambiance for prospective new tenants and enduring satisfaction from present renters.

Commercial Work

We're recognized for our commercial decorating projects which we've been carrying out for business customers varying in size from large corporations to relatively modest London businesses. A lot of this is office decoration and renovation.

In addition to keeping our standards extremely high, we make an additional effort to complete the specified job in the most unobtrusive possible way in order to reduce any kind of inconvenience it could potentially cause to the operating of a business enterprise.

We deliver the results both promptly and without mess, a truth that has drawn positive reviews from our previous customers. Coupled with our costs we believe this makes us among the best commercial decorators in London.

We have rapidly become one of London’s leading commercial painting and decorating contractors.

Our skilled and hardworking personnel offer an outstanding service, regardless if your own project is residential, commercial or needs a specialized surface finish.

We carry out both external and internal painting and decorating projects. These include luxury residential homes, sports facilities (we did London 2012 Olympic village work), education facilities, stately homes, hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars, offices and numerous others.

The service that we provide covers London as well as the South East.

Should you require our decorating services in London don't hesitate to get in contact now for a totally free estimate!

We are able to cost any kind of internal or external commercial decorating job by using tender specifications, drawings, bills of quantities, or site visits.

Key Elements of a Professional Paint Job


Maintenance is a key consideration for any commercial property owner.

Although aesthetics are important, how the building performs is of more importance, in that a breakdown in the exterior painting scheme for instance could lead to serious deterioration of the structure itself.

Commercial painting and decorating is a lot more than just creating good-looking walls. It is the first point of defence against the exterior elements in many cases.

Likewise, the interior of the building should be welcoming to clients and visitors and create an atmosphere in keeping with the commercial goals of your company.

Colour Schemes

A commercial painting contractor such as our company, can give you some good tips on colour selection.

We have seen various schemes work in practice over the many years in servicing our wide range of clients.

There are a few key considerations to bear in mind at the outset of a refurbishment or redecoration project on a commercial building:

Your decorative scheme establishes the look and feel of your brand. No matter what type of commercial property you are dealing with, be it a shopping precinct, hotel, an entertainment complex, or an office, you want the overall look to establish your brand in some way or convey a specific atmosphere.

When somebody steps into your building the first impression should be one that gives them a sense of your company's or institution's character.

A pub, for example, is going to have a very different atmosphere than a hospital.

The overall ambience required to make people feel comfortable inside a pub will govern the colour scheme and the balance is in favour of creating a certain ambience rather than functionality which would be the case in a hospital environment.

Pubs usually go for much more earthy tones and health institutions will usually require a very light and open feel to facilitate the high standards of hygiene and the need to have a light shed on whatever operation is being undertaken.

As an experienced painting contractor we can provide our clients with up-to-date advice on colour trends for any type of business.

It is very important from the outset to create the appropriate ambience. For example, a health spa catering to women would be advised to go for light and soothing hues of blue, lavender and purple.

It would probably be a mistake to veer towards red in such an environment as this may create a seedy atmosphere. However, you could use reds, oranges and dark earthy tones in a restaurant.

There are software applications that enable you to get a good idea of how a specific colour scheme would look inside a commercial building.

Paint Quality

It is essential to use high quality paints and wallcoverings.

Cheaper paints and wallcoverings can look good for a while, but they may not stand up to the wear and tear that some environments would subject them to.

Industrial units using various chemicals in production processes would require chemical resistant floor paints and wall paint that would not be susceptible to high moisture content.

Commercial kitchens would obviously need to have very high moisture resistant paints.

It is also imperative that the correct paints are used on different surfaces such as plasterboard, metal, timber and concrete.

We will be able to tell you exactly which paints to use throughout your property.

Health considerations are also very important and that is why it is usually the best option to go for low VOC paint and even anti-mould paint that will help ensure a healthy working environment for both your employees and customers.


It is essential to treat whatever surface you are applying paint to with the correct primer.

This is especially so on new surfaces that have never had a coat of paint applied to them before.

Primers not only serve to provide a good foundation for subsequent coats of paint, but they also help in hiding imperfections on the underlying surface.

The final coats of paint will appear much neater and smoother without blistering and will also last a lot longer being on top of the correct substrate.

This is good economic policy in the long term as it says you money via increasing the time between paint jobs.

Primers can also be used to great effect if you are covering over a darker colour with a lighter one.

Primers can be mixed with the new colour to significantly dampen down the effect of the darker underlying coat.


Preparation is Key

Without proper preparation any paint job is likely to be a disaster either in the short term or eventually in the long term.

This is especially true for external surfaces that are subject to the elements and internal surfaces that are in environments of high humidity, high heat, and subject to chemicals.

One of the most basic facets of good paint preparation is just to get the surfaces clean in the first place, free from dust, grease, peeled paint, mould, rust and moisture.

Some surfaces require extensive pressure washing. If there is water damage, peeling paint, or chipping then the surface needs extensive renovation prior to any paint application.

We can do all types of repairs inside and outside your property, these can include re-texturing ceilings, repair or replacement of plasterboard walls, repairing cracks and nail holes.

We will do whatever it takes to get the perfect surface ready for the perfect paints.

Professional Cleanup

We provide professional cleaning services once the contract is completed, leaving your property in a better state than it was before we found it!

We also ensure thorough protection of any office equipment, furniture, carpets and machinery throughout any contract.


When is the Best Time to Paint External Walls?

We will not attempt to undertake a painting contract if the conditions are not suitable.

Depending on local climatic conditions, certain paints can only be applied during a certain temperature range.

Good weather forecasting will help us determine if an external paint job can be undertaken or whether it will have to be broken down into stages.

External painting cannot be undertaken in most circumstances if it is raining, or in the case of needing to use scaffold or cherry pickers, in high winds.

Ultimately, any painting contract must be client centred. You want a minimal level of disruption to your day-to-day business.

We will discuss with you the necessary steps to create the minimum of inconvenience to your employees and customers.

This is why our night painting services so popular. We can also combine flexible scheduling for out of hours or weekends and complete the contract in stages this way.

We also undertake painting contracts for schools, colleges and universities.